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Product Information and Details
We are a proud distributor of Air Distribution Concepts throughout the beautiful state of Michigan
Fabric Air Diffusers

PowerFlow™ Design Fabric Air Diffuser System

FlowCon air diffusers with large PowerFlow™ air jets are efficient at entrapping and mixing air and can be used in a wide range of applications.

SoftFlow™ Design Fabric Air Diffuser System

SoftFlow™ air jets have less mass than PowerFlow™ air jets and, in comparison, diffuse more quickly. SoftFlow™ diffusers mix air efficiently over broad areas with very little noticeable air movement.

MicroFlow™ Design Fabric Air Diffuser System

Made with permeable fabrics engineered to specific levels of porosity, MicroFlow™ diffusers are used primarily to displace rather than mix air.

LinearFlow™ Design Fabric Air Diffuser System

LinearFlow™ products deliver air through mesh vents, providing gentle air flow.

SeasonFlow™ Design Fabric Air Diffuser System

This diffuser system redirects air from the top of the unit to the bottom resulting in a diffuser system that can be used for hot or cold weather make-up air applications.

Additional Products

HVAC Tents

PolyCon Flow Duct and Convection Tubing

Grow Houses

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