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Made In The USA
Product Information and Details
We are an exclusive representative for Arrow United Industries throughout Michigan's Lower Peninsula

Arrow United Industries prides itself on their innovative, reliable products. Many products manufactured by Arrow United Industries have been approved and certified by The Air Movement and Control Association International (AMCA), Miami-Dade County, and UL Classified. For more information, click here to check out their website. 


Stationary Louvers / Adjustable and Combination Louvers

  • Aluminum Construction

  • Steel Construction

Acoustical Louvers

For use where noise reduction is required. Designed for intake or discharge airflow.

Severe Weather Rated Louvers

Vision / Sun Screens

These products are available in both vertical and horizontal blade orientations and design choses such as flat blade, airfoil, tubular, and slant blade. Ground level or roof top applications. Engineered and manufactured to custom shapes and specifications.

Penthouse Louvers

Brick Vents

Convection or forced ventilation with weather production. Options range from standard 4" frame or 1½" flanged frame with a ¾" usable flange on all four sides. The 45° angle blades and flanged frames are constructed with .125" extruded aluminum. Heavy-duty thin-line construction available in a variety of sizes.


Aluminum Dampers

  • Airfoil Control Damper Extruded Silicone Seals

    • Parallel Blade​

    • Opposed Blade

  • Pin-Lock Control Damper​

    • Parallel Single Thickness Blade​

    • Opposed Single Thickness Blade

  • Ultra Low Leak Airfoil Control Dampers​

    • Standard
    • Thermally Insulated Broken Airfoil Blade
    • Thermally Insulated Broken Airfoil Blade, Low Temperature
  • Single Blade Control Dampers

Steel Dampers

  • Single Blade Volume Control Balancing Damper

  • Parallel / Opposed Single Thickness Blade Balancing Damper

  • Parallel / Opposed Single Thickness Blade Control Dampers

    • Aluminum Construction​

    • Stainless Steel Construction

    • Low Leakage, Adjustable Linkage

  • Steel Control Damper​

  • Parallel / Opposed Airfoil Blade Control Damper

  • Parallel Double Thickness Insulated Blade Control Damper

Round Dampers

Industrial Dampers

Backdraft Dampers

Fire and Smoke Dampers

Plenum / Duct Access Doors

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