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Envira-North Systems Limited HVLS Fans
We are a proud distributor of Envira-North in Michigan's Lower Peninsula
Envira-North Systems Limited HVLS Fans
Envira-North Systems Limited HVLS Fans
Envira-North Systems Limited HVLS Fans
Envira-North Systems Limited HVLS Fans
Envira-North Systems Limited HVLS Fans
Product Information and Details
Do you have a large space with circulation or ventilation issues? If so, Envira-North can help.

Recognizing and responding to the growing need to reduce energy consumption is the leading drive behind Envira-North's environmentally friendly heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions. With Envira-North, you don't have to compromise cost, product performance, or energy reduction. Save the planet and lower operating costs with Envira-North and their superior products.


Envira-North products are great in a variety of applications such as agricultural facilities, manufactories, commercial settings, industrial settings, recreational facilities and more. Click here for a comprehensive list of applications.

HVLS Ceiling Fans

Gearless Altra-Air Sailfin Fans

These fans need zero maintenance, are ridiculously quiet, and include a 20,000 lumen LED high visibility light. Reduced operating costs, increased air speeds, and decreased noise or some of the many other benefits.

Gearless Altra-Air Sailfin Fan Brochure

Altra-Air Sailfin Fans

The Altra-Air Sailfin Fans cover a large proximity, offering expansive comfort. Other features include increased air speeds, reduced operating costs, decreased noise, streamlined appearance, and color / hydrographic customization option.


Altra-Air Sailfin Fan Brochure

Altra-Air Sailfin Fan Customization Brochure

Altra-Air Sailfin Fan Control Options Brochure​​

Alite 3 Fans

These 3-bladed fans are light-weight and offer continuous air movement. Minimum maintenance required. Inexpensive operation. Quiet performance.

Alite 3 Fan Brochure

Jazz Fans

Jazz Fans have a unique blade design that greatly reduces resistance against each fan blade which, in turn, maximizes air movement and minimizes energy usage. Jazz Fans are customizable in appearance with a variety of colors and textured finishes. 

Jazz Fan Brochure

Roof Turbines and Fans

Hurricane™ Turbine Ventilators

This wind driven roof exhaust fan offers natural ventilation and zero operating costs. The Hurricane™ Turbine Ventilator is the largest and most efficient wind driven gravity vent in the world.

Hurricane™ Turbine Ventilator Brochure

EcoPower® Turbines

EcoPower® Turbines are a motorized turbine ventilation system.

EcoPower® Turbine Brochure

Absolute Air Fans

Absolute Air Fans are a superior choice for directional air flow.

Absolute Air Fan Brochure

Industrial Curtains

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