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Fresh-Aire UV® is dedicated to innovating products that promote healthy living and energy conservation. Fresh-Aire UV® is LEED accredited and implements environmental friendly solutions in their expanding business. Click here to learn more about their company history and their mission to manufacture products that benefit both our health and the planet. 

Why use UV? UV is a safe, effective, and chemical-free means of air purification and disinfection. Indoor air pollution is a huge health risk and should be addressed. UV makes it easy to sterilize airborne viruses, bacteria, and allergens. 



APCO-X® is a whole-house air treatment system that combines UV-C light and EverCarbon™ cells to safely and efficiently reduce odor-causing VOCs and biological contaminants.

APCO-X® Spec. Sheet


The award-winning air treatment technology is offered in three models.

  • Original APCO® - Standard

  • APCO® RT - Designed For Narrower Ducts and Limited-Space Installs

  • APCO® MAG - Internal Mounting Using Magnets or Screws


APCO® Spec. Sheet

Blue-Tube UV®

World's most popular HVAC UV light.

Blue-Tube UV® Spec. Sheet

AHU Series 1

This system is installed directly into the central air system where it actively sterilizes airborne viruses and bacteria, suppresses mold growth, and improves indoor air quality.

AHU Series 1 Spec. Sheet


This product is designed specifically for mini-slits and similarly limited space applications. 

Mini UV LED Spec. Sheet

Purity / PLP

Purity Low Profile (PLP) is a 1" polarized HVAC filtration system that provides excellent relief from indoor air pollution.

PLP Spec. Sheet


Core System

The Commercial Core System (TUVC) is designed to improve indoor air quality by sterilizing airborne viruses, bacteria, and allergens in a cost-effective, energy-efficient way. For easy installation, consider the kits listed below.

Core System Spec. Sheet

Blue-Tube® XL

The Blue-Tube® XL (TUV-BTXL) system is designed to improve indoor air quality by sterilizing airborne viruses, bacteria, and allergens in a cost-effective, energy-efficient way. 99.9% surface disinfection guaranteed.

Blue-Tube® XL Spec. Sheet

Airborne Duct System

The Fresh-Aire UV® Airborne Duct System (ADS) provides amazing single-pass airborne inactivation of 99.9% of microorganisms.

ADS Spec. Sheet

Environmental Surface Disinfection System

Ideal for healthcare or other applications that require clean, disinfected surfaces.

ESDS Spec. Sheet

Tight-Fit Kit

A solution for limited spaces.

Tight-Fit Kit Spec. Sheet

Purity Commercial Filter

A polarized filtration system that attracts and clumps particles together, allowing for easy capture without air-flow restrictions.

Purity Commercial Filter Spec. Sheet


Ice machine maintenance is significantly safer, easier, and more cost-effective with ICE UV™.

ICE UV™ Spec. Sheet