DuraVent: A New Solution With Concentric Venting

DuraVent has ignited new hope among those who want to see fewer limitations on fireplace applications. Our newest solution combines the installation flexibility of power venting with the ability to reduce required vent space. We have designed a special adapter that makes it possible to use compact, 3 x 5 co-axial pipe to vent most gas fireplaces as long as it is approved by the fireplace manufacturer. Some leading fireplace manufacturers are already using custom adapters in combination with DuraVent’s Concentric Venting System (CVS). Additionally, new adapters are being developed by DuraVent, which is exciting news for anyone who understands the value and desirability that fireplaces lend to a wide variety of residential and commercial properties, including single-family homes, multi-unit dwellings, hotels, venues, and even restaurants. Our brand new whitepaper describing how this innovative new vent system can enhance installation flexibility and the aesthetics of gas fireplaces can be read in full by clicking HERE.

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