Krueger: New Smart Equipment Digital Controls

New Smart Equipment Digital Controls 

BACnet and Standalone Terminal Unit Controls

Now available are factory provided Smart Equipment digital controls for Krueger terminal units! They arrive at the jobsite installed, pre-programmed, and ready to easily integrate with any BACnet building management system. For smaller buildings that do not have a BAS, you have the option of non-networking (stand-alone) controllers. And to round things out, you can select one of three aesthetically pleasing thermostats to complement your design.

Make any system smart by adding Krueger’s Smart Equipment controls!

Product Features: 

  • BACnet compatibility, easily communicates with most BAS 

  • Application specific programming

  • Pre-programmed airflow values, tag, and application (as ordered)

  • Duct temperature sensors available for monitoring supply and discharge air temperature

  • Variety of Thermostats: LCD display, warmer/cooling adjustment, or sensor only

  • Optional Night Setback Feature: Standalone model only


  • Cooling only

  • 1-3 staged electric reheat

  • 0-10V proportional LineaHeat

  • On/off hot water reheat

  • Proportional hot water reheat

  • Floating hot water reheat

  • Baseboard heat

Applicable Models:



  • QFC, QFV


  • RVE, SVE

Competitor Models: 

  • Nailor – EZvav Digital Controls

  • Price Industries – PIC: Price Intelligent Controls

  • Titus – Alpha Controller

Manufacturing Locations:  

  • TRB

  • TUC

Discontinuing Analog Controls: 

Smart Equipment Controls provide the same service as analog controls, however they also come with added features and benefits that analog controls can’t provide. Because of this, existing analog control codes will be discontinued by the end of 2020. Contact Application Engineering Support for help in selecting Smart Equipment Controls equivalent to analog controls.

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