➡ Eye Coupling To Secure Pipe Hanger

Features ⅜" threaded sleeve and ⅜" I.D. eye hole.


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Eye Coupling

  • Clamp Together ductwork couldn’t make dust collection systems simpler to assemble, modify, and maintain. Designed specifically for fast installation, Clamp Together systems save upwards of 40% initial setup time in comparison to flange ductwork. The CT Adjustable Sleeve eliminates the need for precise measurements. 


    No rivets, screws, welding, or specialized equipment or training needed means easy connection. Clamp in place and you’re good to go.


    Clamp Together ducting components are adaptable to your existing duct system and highly versatile in a wide range of applications - practically anywhere dust collection or fine particulate transfer is required.


    Uninstalling, cleaning, and relocating or reinstalling is quick and uncomplicated. Make adjustments to your CT ducting system to adapt to the movement of machinery or other changes. Without a need for tools or other equipment, cleaning the CT duct system is fast and painless.


    To best fit your ducting needs, high quality galvanized steel or stainless steel options are available for most of our products. Smooth, fully laser welded seams provide strong and leak tight connections.

  • What if I need a pipe longer than 5 feet? Use an Adjustable Sleeve to achieve your desired length.


    What is a sleeve? The Adjustable Sleeve is an 11” piece used when a 5’ Clamp Together Pipe has been cut smaller.


    How often do I need to use a sleeve? You will need an Adjustable Sleeve whenever a ducting line is less than an increment of 5’ and typically whenever you use a Branch or 90° Elbow.


    How do I attach CT pieces? Use an Adjustable Clamp to easily secure components.


    Do clamps come with my purchase? How many do I need? They do not come automatically with any products ordered. You will need one for each component ordered.


    How often do I need to use a hanger? A Pipe Hanger is needed every 10' to support the duct. Refer to local codes for more information.


    Can I connect clamp together pieces to an already existing non-CT system? Yes! We have a variety of Adapters to connect to any existing pipe you might have.


    What is the difference between "press formed" and "segmented" elbows? Press Formed Elbows are constructed in two halves with a welded seam. Segmented Elbows are constructed in 15° segments.


    What is the difference between "angle flange" and "flat flange?" An Angle Flange is industry standard. A Flat Flange is a 1.5" wide flat piece of 3/16" sheet metal that does not come drilled, unless specified. 

    When do I need to use stainless steel? Use in FDA, chemical, and high-temperature applications.


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