➡ Square-To-Round Transition

Used as a transition from air handler unit to air supply duct run. Connect to pipe or flexible ductwork. Optional Angle Flange helps secure the unit to flat surfaces.


  Specify A, B, C Dimensions 


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➡ Product Features

  • Square (Rectangular) Ends To Be Approx. Size of Round End
  • Standard With 2" Skirt Raw Edge
  • Quick, Simple Assembly
  • Angle Flange Available at Additional Cost
  • Larger Sizes Available


➡ Information and Resources

🔗  Clamp Together Duct System Instructions

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Square-To-Round Transition

PriceFrom $121.06
  • Diameter 4" - 24"

    Galv./Stainless Steel

    Weight 1.3 lbs - 53.5 lbs

    Rolled, 0.2" - 0.4"

    Gauge 22/20


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