➡ T-Branches For Pushing Air 90° Into Ducting Line

Also known as "Tee Branches," this product gets it's name from the 90° main line entrance forming a literal T shape. Negative systems often extract flow mostly from the straight ducting line do to static pressure. T-Branches eleviate this problem by pushing air into the main line. The clamp together (CT) rolled ends allow for quick assembly, disassembly and relocation. The CT T-Branch locks in place within seconds without welds, bolts, screws, flanges, special tools, precise measurements or specialized skills.


NOT Recommended For Material Removal


⍟  Specify A, C Dimensions

⍟  A1 = A2

  C ≤ A

  Length = C + 8


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➡ Product Features

  • 90° Angle Creates T Shape
  • Airtight
  • Quick, Simple Assembly
  • Best For Positive Systems
  • Little To No Breakdown of Zinc (Zinc Melting Point 740°F)


➡ Information and Resources

🔗  Clamp Together Duct System Instructions

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PriceFrom $140.14
  • Diameter 3" - 30"

    Galv./Stainless Steel

    Weight 1.5 lbs - 58.5 lbs
    Ends CT/Flange
    Gauge 22/20/18


    🔗  Technical Specifications