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1985 was a great year. Back To The Future debuted in theaters, Microsoft released Windows 1.0, Coco-Cola changed their recipe, and Allen A. McCoy decided to make a dent in the commercial and industrial HVAC industry. After graduating college with a Bachelor's Degree in geology, Allen naturally established and operated a successful ventilation business. They say "think outside the box." For Allen, there never was a box.


By the '90s, Allen brought his sons, Russell and Peter into the growing company. With love for the business and decades of experience, Russell and Peter are dedicated to maintaining the standards set in place by their father over 35 years ago.

Today, Air Design has a friendly and experience small staff operating the business through their main Southfield office and warehouse serving East Michigan and Holland office serving West Michigan. Air Design is owned and managed by Russell McCoy PE, and Peter McCoy. Russ' engineering background and Pete's sales experience are a complement to each other's abilities in serving their customers in a professional and efficient manner.

Air Design is proud to represent the finest HVAC manufacturers in the industry and serving its principals in the Michigan marketplace.

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