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We are an exclusive representative for Acutherm™
in Michigan's Lower Peninsula
Acutherm By Price Therma-Fuser Diffuser Systems
Acutherm By Price Therma-Fuser Diffuser Systems
Acutherm By Price Therma-Fuser Diffuser Systems
Acutherm By Price Therma-Fuser Diffuser Systems
Acutherm By Price Therma-Fuser Diffuser Systems Temperature Control Unit
Product Information and Details

Acutherm™ was founded on January 17, 1978, inventing and locally manufacturing thermally powered VAV diffusers. From there, the company grew in size, popularity, and product offerings. In 1982, Acutherm™ invented thermally powered VAV heating. A year later, Acutherm™ created the first ever VAV cooling and VAV heating diffuser. More innovations were added to their impressive product line in the following decades. In 2017, Acutherm™ joined Price Industries, further solidifying their superior position in the HVAC market. Click here for a complete history timeline.

While possibilities are far from limited, listed are five commonly used configurations followed by product details and links.

Option One: Therma-Fuser™ Thermal Diffusers

Option Two: Therma-Fuser™ Thermal Diffusers With Room Temperature Sensors and Adjusters

Option Three: Advantage Electric Diffusers


Option Four: Interoperable Series (Electric) BACnet™ Diffusers


Option Five: Therma-Fuser™ (Thermal) and Interoperable Series (Electric) Diffusers (Hybrid) 

VAV Diffusers

Therma-Fuser™ Series Thermal Diffusers

This VAV diffuser system is an independent zone of control with a built-in thermostat and modulating damper. No complicated electronics, wiring or pneumatics. Save lots of money with easy installation, no maintenance requirements, and lowest possible cost per zone of control.​​

Advantage Series Electric Diffusers

This VAV diffuser system uses a controller and electric motor and is available for stand-alone or interoperable applications. BACnet™ ensures effortless, compatible data exchange with products from other vendors.

Interoperable Series Electric Diffusers

Previously known as "E-Series," this VAV diffuser system is designed for applications within a building control network that uses BACnet™ open communication protocols. This system monitors room temperatures, supply air temperature, and flow information and provides all data to the building control network.

Associated Products

Pressure Control

Pressure Independent Module (PIM) is a modulating static pressure controller / actuator that helps Therma-Fuser™ Diffusers quietly operate at all levels of flow. Quick and easy installation. Available as a stand-alone or networked device. PIM can be easily incorporated into any ductwork system.

Temperature Control

Acu-Zone™ heaters provide a constant temperature heat for VAV systems.

  • AZON-E Acu-Zone™ Electric Duct Heaters

  • AZON-W Acu-Zone™ Hot Water Duct Heaters

Accessories and Options

Wall adjusters, pressure relief collars, relief rings, ceiling approaches, sensors, hanging insulation, minimum flow stops, baffles, ceiling frames, custom finishes, and more.

Complete Product Overview

Capabilities Brochure 

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