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Product Information and Details
We are a proud distributor of DuraVent® throughout the
beautiful state of Michigan

Founded in 1956, DuraVent® has a long history of leadership and success in the venting industry. With over 60 years of experience and 24 available product lines, DuraVent® dominates a large percentage of the chimney market today.

Residential Products

Chimney Systems

  • DuraTech® - All-Fuel, Double-Wall Chimney Systems

  • DuraTech® Premium - High-Temperature, 2" Double-Wall, All-Fuel

  • DuraPlus® - All-Fuel, Triple-Wall Chimney System

  • DuraChimney® II - Air-Cooled Chimney System For Masonry Fireplaces


Also known as "Connector Pipes," stovepipes are a connection system between a wood, coal, oil, or gas fired low-heat residential appliance and a chimney. Stovepipes are painted black to match appliances and are available in single-wall and double-wall constructions.

  • DVL® and DDW® - Double-Wall Interior Stovepipes

  • DuraBlack® - Single-Wall Interior Stovepipe

Pellet and Biofuels

Also known as "PL Vents," "P Vents," or "Pellet Vents," these products exhaust appliances that burn wood, pellets, corn, or other pelletized biofuels.

  • CVS® - Small Diameter Direct Vent For Power Vented Fireplaces

  • PelletVent® Pro - Biofuel Venting System

  • PelletVent® For Multi-Fuel - Multi-Fuel Venting System


Products for relining masonry chimneys for use with wood, coal, oil, gas, or pellet fired appliances.

  • DuraLiner® - Insulated, Double-Wall Relining

  • DuraFlex® Aluminum - Flexible Aluminum Relining

  • Ventinox® - Welded, Flexible Stainless Steel Relining

  • DuraFlex® Stainless Steel - Flexible Stainless Steel Relining

DirectVent® Pro

DirectVent® Pro is a unitized, coaxial venting system for direct vent gas or propane stoves, and fireplaces. Specified exclusively by nearly every major stove and fireplace manufacturer in the U.S. and Canada with the largest selection of termination caps available.

DirectVent® Pro Brochure

Concentric Vent System (CVS®)

Gas Venting Systems

Polypropylene Products

Commercial Products

Special Gas Venting Systems

Venting systems specially designed for natural gas and propane exhaustion.

  • DuraSeal® - Single-Wall and Double-Wall Boiler Adapters

  • FasNSeal® 80 / 90 - Category I and IV For Gas-Burning Appliances

  • FasNSeal® - Special Gas Venting System

  • FasNSeal® Flex - Flexible Special Gas Venting System

  • FasNSeal® W2 - Double-Wall Special Gas Venting System

Pressure Stacks

Modular double-wall positive pressure chimney systems.

  • DuraStack® - Standard

  • DuraStack® Pro

Grease Duct

Polypropylene Products

PolyPro® is an environmentally safe venting system designed specifically for high-efficiency appliances. 

  • PolyPro® - Standard

  • PolyPro® Flex - Double-Wall Flex Lined (Not Available In Canada)

Air Filtration
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