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Product Information and Details
We are an exclusive representative for Herrmidifier®
in Michigan's Lower Peninsula
Steam Humidifiers

Control options range from simple ON/OFF switches to full modulation control with proportional high limits.

Herrtronic® 6000

Electrode steam generators with self-contained blower packages.

Herrtronic® 6000 Product Information

Herrtronic® 6500

Electrode steam generators with humidistat, distributor, and steam hose.

Herrtronic® 6500 Product Information

Herrtronic® MD

Electrode steam humidifiers.

Herrtronic® MD Product Information

Herrmersion™ RE

Resistive element steam generators.

Herrmersion™ RE Product Information

Herricane™ CS

Clean steam distribution systems.

Herricane™ CS Product Information

Herrmidisteam™ SS

Steam-to-steam heat exchanger system.

Herrmidisteam™ SS Product Information

Atomizing Humidifiers

These systems utilize flexible design concepts, allowing easy integration into practically any system.

Herrdraulic™ HP

High-pressure atomizing humidification system.

Herrdraulic™ HP Product Information


Compressed air and water atomizing humidification system.

Herrmicool® Product Information

Dual Pneumatic

Open space humidification system.

Dual Pneumatic Product Information

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