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Product Information and Details

Indeeco™ supplies high-quality industrial and commercial products, useful in many different applications and industries. 

Commercial Products Line Card

Commercial Products Brochure

Industrial Products Brochure


Immersion Heaters

Indeeco™ offers an extensive selection of designs for direct immersion heating of gasses, liquids, and soft metals.  Standard immersion heaters come in copper, steel, stainless, and INCOLOY®. Custom units available in a variety of sheath, screw plug, and flange materials depending on application. Optional liquid-proof or explosion-resistant terminal boxes, hermetic terminal end seals, high-temperature construction, and built-in controls available. Indeeco™ immersion heaters are UL® Listed, UL® Recognized, and CSA Approved. CE Certified designs are also available.

Circulation and In-Line Heaters

Maintain, raise, preheat, and boost process temperatures of -50° F to 1200° F in industrial, commercial, and military applications. 

350 Series Complete Owner's Manual

Case Study: Indeeco Reverse Osmosis Water Preheat 

"Why the circulation heater you specify matters" 

Process Air Heaters

This type of Indeeco™ heater is an efficient and cost-effective solution for forced air heating.

The Refinery Heater Evaluation Checklist

Impedance Pipe Heating Systems

Impedance systems heat an array of gasses, liquids, and viscous materials which are stored, pumped, and processed in a range of industries and applications. Benefits of TraceFREE® and Indeeco™ impedance heating systems include...

  • Uniform Heating

  • Safe For Temperature Sensitive Products

  • Long Pipe Runs

  • Cold Start / Quick Heat Up

  • Low Maintenance Costs

  • No Steam Leaks

  • High-Temperature Applications (>400°F)

  • Raise Temperature of Flowing Product

Product Data Sheet and Comparison

"Understanding Impedance Heating"

Unit Heaters

Explosion-proof, fan-forced, and plenum electric unit heaters for a broad-spectrum of commercial and industrial industries and applications

Duct Heaters

Indeeco™ provides heating solutions for both standard and custom designed duct systems.

Tubular and Finned Tubular Elements

Applications that call for tubular construction include clamped, inserted, cast in, immersion, radiant, and air heating. 

Tubular and Finned Tubular Elements Product Brochure

Wall, Ceiling, and Floor Heaters

Comfort Heating Products by Indeeco™ are perfect in a large assortment of commercial and industrial applications. 

Full Wall, Ceiling, and Floor Heaters Catalog and Product Comparison

Radiant Heaters

  • Invizatherm™

  • Invizatherm™ Thin Series

  • AS Series

  • RCI Series

Invizatherm™ Full Product Catalog

Baseboard and Convector Heaters

Bolt Heaters

Enclosure Heaters

Specialty Heating

Spectrum Rail Heating Solutions


Control Panels

  • 873 Series Quick Ship Contractor

  • 873 Series Quick Ship SCR

  • 870 Series Contractor

  • 870 Series SCR

Indeeco™ Control Products Brochure

SCR Power Controllers


Step Controls



Heat Trace

Indeeco™ offers a wide range of Heat Trace products for "...the most demanding freeze protection, temperature maintenance, snow melting, de-icing and specialty applications in Industrial and Commercial markets." All Heat Trace products adhere to strict industry standards and are third-party approved for use in hazardous industrial settings.

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