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Product Information and Details
We are an exclusive representative for Krueger®
in Michigan's Lower Peninsula


  • Architectural Diffusers

  • Linear Slot Diffusers

  • Louvered Face Diffusers

  • Modular Core Diffusers

  • Perforated Face Diffuser

  • Plenum Slot Diffusers

  • Round Diffusers

  • Air Nozzles

Grilles and Registers

  • Supply Grilles

  • Return Grilles

  • Linear Bar Grilles

  • Industrial Grilles

  • Security Grilles

  • Transfer Grilles

  • Duct Mounted Grilles

Displacement Ventilation

  • Ceiling Displacement Diffusers

  • Flat Displacement Diffusers

  • Round Displacement Diffusers

Chilled Beams

  • Active Chilled Beams

  • Passive Chilled Beams

Critical Environment

  • Laminar Flow Diffusers

  • Radial Flow Diffusers

  • Fan Filter Units

  • Air Cleaners

  • Air Curtain Systems

  • Heavy Duty Ceiling Grids


  • Dampers

  • Frames

  • Miscellaneous

Terminal Units

  • Single Duct Terminal Units

  • Single Duct Attenuator

  • Dual Duct Terminal Units

  • Fan Powered Terminal Units

  • Bypass Terminal Units

  • Retrofit Terminal Units

  • Retrofit Measuring Station

  • Smart Equipment

Fan Coil Units

  • Standard Horizontal Fan Coil Units

  • Horizontal High Capacity Fan Coil Units

  • Vertical Standard Fan Coil Units

  • Vertical Stack Fan Coil Units

Blower Coil Units

  • Standard Blower Coil Units

  • Modular Blower Coil Units

  • Small Footprint Blower Coil Units

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