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Made In The USA
We are an exclusive representative for Monoxivent® in Michigan's East Lower Peninsula
Monoxivent Source Capture Systems HVAC Exhaust Duct
Monoxivent Source Capture Systems HVAC Hose Duct Solutions
Monoxivent Source Capture Systems HVAC Duct
Monoxivent Source Capture Systems HVAC Exhaust Duct Portable
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Since their development in 1953, Monoxivent® has consistently provided high-quality, user-friendly products to the HVAC industry. Monoxivent® specializes in source capture systems and proudly manufactures all products in the USA. For company details and history, click here.

Vehicle Exhaust Products

Hose Reels

These products offer an efficient method for fume and harmful emission extraction.

  • Spring Operated Hose Reels

  • Motorized Hose Reels

  • Oversized, XL/L Hose Reels

Exhaust Rails

  • Technorail Hose Reel

  • Technorail Simple Drop

  • ALU Rail Hose Reel

  • ALU Rail Simple Drop

Underground Assemblies (Plug-In / Self Storing)


Fume Detection Systems

Overhead Hose Drops

  • 11000 Series Drop Overhead Systems

  • Dual Drop Overhead Systems

  • Manual Pull-Up Kits Overhead Systems

  • Retractable Telescoping Systems

Portable Eliminators

Available in a variety of configurations including portable eliminators with or without fans, with fan and hose reel, and a specialized portable fume exhauster model.​


Pivoting Articulated Crane (PAC), Swivel Booms

Adapters and Accessories

Dust and Fume Products

Source Capture Arms

  • External Source Capture Support Arms

  • Internal Source Capture Support Arms

  • Mini Source Capture Arms

  • LFK Filtration Packages

  • Telescopic Source Capture Arms

  • Tube Type Source Capture Arms

Exhaust Hoods

  • Slotted Fume Hoods

  • Canopy Hoods

  • Downdraft Table Hoods

  • Slotted Barrel Hoods

Portable Filter Units

  • Cartridge Systems (PCFS)

  • HEPA Systems (PHS)

  • FILTOO Portable Fume Capture Systems

  • LFK Filtration Packages



Pivoting Articulated Crane (PAC) With Arm, Swivel Boom With Arm

Dust Collectors and Filtration Systems

  • Cyclone Collectors and After Filters

  • Free Hanging Filter Units

Exhaust Rails

Monoxivent® offers two types of exhaust rails for fume and dust solutions: the ALU Rail and the Technorail. The Technorail model is designed to handle smaller air volumes and lighter weight equipment and accessories while the ALU Rail is geared towards heavier equipment and larger spaces.


D Series Blowers

Control Box Starters

BI Series Blowers

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

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