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SecureAire HVAC
SecureAire HVAC
Product Information and Details
We are an exclusive representative for SecureAire
in the beautiful state of Michigan

SecureAire™ offers the only complete air purification systems specifically made for custom and semi-custom air handling units. The SecureAire™ ACTIVE Particle Control™ (APC) Technology employs a patented 4-step process to create the safest, healthiest, and cleanest indoor air possible. Clean air translates into clean living which promotes improved cognitive health, productivity, safety, and efficiency. SecureAire™ quality products helps you defeat invisible intruders and reduce pollution. 

Healthcare / Commercial Products

Advanced Collector System (ACS)

Advanced Collector System (ACS) Spec. Sheet

ACS Modular Purification Systems

ACS Modular Purification Systems Spec. Sheet

ACS-Slim Line

The ACS-Slim Line filter is designed specifically for easy installation and changeouts. With this system, indoor air pollution is efficiently addressed by removing airborne particles, dangerous pathogens, smoke, and toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

ACS-Slim Line Spec. Sheet


APS-2000X Spec. Sheet


APS-1000XL Spec. Sheet

APS-1000XL Installation Manual


AQM-150 Spec. Sheet

AQM-150 Operating Guide


EU-100X Spec. Sheet

EU-100X Installation Manual

EOS Portable Air Purification System

EOS Portable Air Purification System Spec. Sheet

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