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Product Information and Details
We are a proud distributor of SMC in Michigan's Lower Peninsula
Spiral Pipe and Fittings

More information coming soon!

E-Z Flange Spiral Pipe Systems

  • Concentric Reducer With E-Z Flange

  • E-Z Tap Conical Takeoff With E-Z Flange

  • E-Z Tap Conical With 2" Standoff With E-Z Flange

  • Double Rod Hanger

  • E-Z Flange With Barrel Clamp

    • Standard Product

    • E-Z Flange Jr. With Barrel Clamp Field Cut Set

    • E-Z Flange With Barrel Clamp (26-inch to 90-inch Diameter)

  • E-Z Flange Spiral Pipe System​

  • E-Z Tap Collars With E-Z Flange

Double-Wall Spiral Pipe and Fittings

Rectangular Duct and Fittings

Double-Wall Rectangular Duct and Fittings

Polyvinyl Duct (PVS)

Flat Oval and Fittings

HVAC Accessories

Standard Metal Products (SMP) Dampers and Louvers

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