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We are a proud distributor for ThermoTek in Michigan's East Lower Peninsula
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ThermoTek Indirect Fired Make-Up Air Unit Direct Fired HVAC
ThermoTek Centrifugal Upblast Exhaust Fans HVAC
ThermoTek Indirect Fired Make-Up Air Unit Direct Fired HVAC
Product Information and Details
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Make-Up Air​ Units and Accessories


Economy Make-Up Air Units

In-Line Filtered Make-Up Air Units - Untempered

Modular Packaged Units

Modular Filtered Rooftop Make-Up Air Unit Fans


Make-Up Air Unit Accessories

  • Cooling Modules

    • CELDEK Evap Cooler​

    • Chilled Water Coil, Chilled Water Coil Module

    • DX Coil, DX Coil Module

  • Heating Modules

    • Direct Fired Module​

    • Hot Water Coil, Hot Water Coil Module

    • Indirect Fired Bent Tube Module

    • Modulating Electric Coil, Modulating Electric Heat Module

    • Staged Electric Coil, Staged Electric Heat Module

    • Steam Coil, Steam Coil Module

  • Intake / Discharge

    • Discharge Diffusers​

    • Downturn Plenum

    • Field Assembled Curbs

    • Intake Hoods

    • Mixing Box

    • Screen Intake

    • Trunkline

    • V-Bank

Exhaust Fans

Axial Direct Drive Fans are the perfect low cost exhaust choice in the areas that have little or no ductwork, and thus, relatively low to moderate resistance. Rubber vibration mounts isolate motor, ensure quiet operation.

Ceiling and Inline Exhaust Fans

  • Inline Duct Fans​

  • High Efficiency Exhaust Fans

  • Standard Ceiling Fans

  • Designer Ceiling Fans

  • High Capacity Ceiling and Inline Fans

Centrifugal Downblast Exhaust Fans 

Centrifugal Upblast Exhaust Fans 

Gravity Vents 


HVLS (High Volume Low Speeds) Ceiling Fans


Inline Exhaust Fans


Utility Sets​

  • Upblast Centrifugal Utility Sets​

  • General and Restaurant Duty Utility Sets

Dedicated Outdoor HVAC Air System (DOAS)

Direct Fired Heaters

Indirect Fired Heaters

Electric Heaters

Kitchen Ventilation

Electric Controls

  • CaptiveAire Systems Software

  • Lighting Control Panels

  • Smart Controls

Kitchen Hoods

  • Island Hoods

  • Low Proximity Hoods

  • Wall Canopy Hoods

Pollution Control Kitchen Ventilation Units

TANK Fire Suppression

CASLink Software

Wall Grease Duct (Single / Double Wall)

Chimney Ductwork (Single / Double Wall)

Special Gas Vents (Single / Double Wall)

HVAC Supply Ducts

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