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Woods Air Movement in Michigan
Product Information and Details
Woods Air Movement fans are used in a variety of applications such as car parks, tunnels and metros, commercial buildings and services, food and agriculture, OEMs, processing and industrial plants, commercial kitchens and restaurants, marine, oil, gas, power, and more. Try their Fan Selector to find the right product for your ventilation needs.

Axial Fans

  • JM Axial Fans

  • JMv Axial Fan

  • HT JM Axial Fans

  • HT JMv Axial Fan

  • HT JM 2 Stage Axial Fans

  • JMvG Axial Fan

  • MaXfan 2

  • MaXfan Compac

Jet Fans

  • JTv Slim Line Jet Thrust Fan

  • JT Slim Line Jet Thrust Fan

  • JTv Low Profile Jet Thrust Fan

  • JT Low Profile Jet Thrust Fan

  • JT Standard Jet Thrust Fan

  • Induction Thrust Fan

  • EC Induction Thrust Fan

Box Fans

  • ESTOC (Power Box)


  • ESTOC EC (Power Box)

  • ESTOC Targe (Power Box GF)

  • Dashio EC Twin Box

  • Sabina Single Box

Roof Fans

  • High Temperature Roof Fan

  • Standard Temperature Roof Fan

  • eVertical DVC Roof Fans

Plate Fans

  • JM Plate Fans

  • 2100 Series Plate Fans

  • EC Climafan®

Bifurcated Fans

  • JM Bifurcated Series 33 Axial Fans

  • JM Bifurcated 200°C Axial Fans